Attractive selling price and policy in the Golden Park Tower project are paying attention to investors

With the favorable position, attractive selling price from 36.6 million VND/m2 (not incl. VAT) and special preferences in the sale policy, Golden Park Tower is being selected by investors at home and abroad.

Golden Park Tower is the complex including premium hotel, apartment, office and trading service. Apartments have the area of 82.6 m2 – 132.5 m2 and the smart design conditioning and exchanging the air, welcoming natural light and wind. In Golden Park Tower, all details though minimum are also carefully looked after by the employer in order to build the best quality of life for international residents.

From now until April, 30, 2019, customers who make early payment of 70% apartment value after signing the contract will be got the discount of 3.5% apartment value, customers who have the demand of financial support will be received the interest of 0% in 18 months.

Great investment demand

According to the report of a market survey unit, apartment price in Viet Nam is relatively low and more attractive than other markets. If in Hong Kong, Singapore, or Korea, in order to possess one apartment, buyers must pay 1-1.5 million USD, in Viet Nam, with the same amount, investors can buy several real estate products with high profitability.

Especially, since the foreigner housing policy was valid in 2015, the demand of real estate investment in Viet Nam has significantly increased. Besides, with the shortage of premium projects in the large cities, buyers can see the clear potential of value increase.

Exclusive of lease profit more than 5%, the premium real estate investment is one attractive investment channel compared to the reduced profit in other sites in the area. Also, Vietnam economic indexes still dominate, so buyers are absolutely beneficiary from the increased investment value, especially the projects in the central position, close to the lake, large roads, with the developed traffic infrastructure like the Golden Park project.

Golden Park Tower – positive makes the value increase

In the real estate investment, the position and development potential are 2 important principles which are taken into account by investors. Any project which is in the developed area, close large roads, schools, hospitals, offices, satisfies the needs of life and work will have the potential of increased value.

Premium real estate in Cau Giay area atracts investors

It is seen by the real survey that mean price in Cau Giay area is generally 3-5 million VND/m2 higher than other dynamic markets such as Thanh Xuan, Ha Dong, Hoang Mai, etc., but the projects here are still attractive to customers due to the potential of high profitability. This area focuses on a great number of foreigners living and working mainly from the countries such as Singapore, Japan, Korea, Taiwan, etc., the apartment rent, especially medium and high ranking apartments fluctuates from 1,500 to 1,700 USD or above, depending on the area and furniture of apartments.

Golden Park Tower borders on 2 large roads with a beautiful view towards Cau Giay park, conditioning lake

Golden Park Tower posseses the strategic position in the intersection of Duong Dinh Nghe and Pham Van Bach (Cau Giay) where is synchronously planned with the fastest speed of urbanization in Hanoi. Encompassed by the high quality system of education and health, close to many offices, embassies, there are a lot of international residents here. Not including that the project is very close to Cau Giay park, conditioning lake with the distance of approx. 500m, that the living environment is fresh, airy in line with the criteria of housing lease and purchase for foreigners.

Together with amenities such as walk way, play ground, smart swimming pool, shopping centre, kindergarten, gym, spa, security, laundering, clean-up, etc., in the international hotel standard. Is is expected that after completion and putting into use, the apartment rent will fluctuate from 30 – 35USD/ m2/ month, bringing the opportunity of increased value and income for future Golden Park Tower residents.

Contact details:

Employer’s Hotline: 098.151.3838


Address of sample apartment: Floor 4 GREEN PARK Building, Duong Dinh Nghe Street, Yen Hoa, Cau Giay, Hanoi.