Real estate market in Cau Giay area

According to the report of CBRE Viet Nam, in Quarter I, 2019, the apartment market in Hanoi has the high number of offer with total 11,822 units, increased by 46% year-on-year in 2018. The average selling price in the primary market in Quarter I is recognized at 1,333 USD/m2, slightly increased by 1% year-on-year.

In the West area, Cau Giay district is one of the districts attracting a great number of investors thanks to the advantage of infrastructure, living environment and competition of cost price plan. In which, the segment of premium apartments is the centre of the market as it has high profitability of 5.9% which is the highest one than other segments.

The synchronous infrastructure planning makes Cau Giay real estate increase its value.

For living environment: Cau Giay area is taken the synchronous planning with low construction density, fresh air because there are many areas for plants, conditioning lake, Cau Giay park, Nghia Do park, etc., this will be a “green lung” for the West city.

The synchronous planning and developed infrastructure are creating a huge lever to increase the real estate value in this area. In special, the projects in the central position close to large roads, parks, with the good quality of life is more and more attractive to customers. The segment of premium apartments in Cau Giay fluctuates from 39 – 50 million VND/m2, proving that the real estate potential here is great and will continue the value increase in the future.

Golden Park Tower ideal welfare – sustainable profitability

With the advantage of the position that borders on 2 large roads Duong Dinh Nghe and Pham Van Bach, close to parks, conditioning lakes, good living environment, Golden Park Tower is not only an ideal place for peaceful life but also an attractive project for investors thanks to the increased value potential.

When the life is more and more urgent, that modern residents desire to find is one comfortable and high-ranking living space so that they enjoy the life in their own home. In Golden Park Tower, the rank is displayed from the architecture, design to the system of amenities so as to maximize the space of life – work – entertainment for international residents.

Golden Park apartments are finely designed with long balcony in order to get natural sunshine and wind in each apartment.

Furthermore, Golden Park Tower possesses 30 inner premium amenities in the hotel standard: Smart swimming pool system, walk way, luxurious reception hall, sport area, shopping centre, etc., so it is expected to become the wonder in Cau Giay area.

Not including, the project is designed as a complex, in addition to 360 premium apartments from floor 9 to floor 31, from floor 32 to floor 45 is the 4-star hotel block controlled and run in the international standard, therefore residents will be enjoyed all professional operated amenities, making the value of the project increase. The design with 4 basements meets the basic need of parking for customers.

Now, Golden Park Tower is offering the attractive sale policy until April 30, 2019, accordingly customers who make early payment of 70% apartment value after signing the contract will be got the discount of 3.5% apartment value, customers who have the demand of financial support will be received the interest of 0% in 18 months

Contact details:

Employer’s Hotline: 098.151.3838


Address of project: No.2 Pham Van Bach, Yen Hoa Ward, Cau Giay District, Hanoi City

Address of sample apartment: Floor 4 GREEN PARK Building, Duong Dinh Nghe Street, Yen Hoa, Cau Giay, Hanoi.