Disclosing the information of golden project in Cau Giay District

Cau Giay – developing infrastructure, domain of offices, schools, parks
Oriented as the core administrative centre of the city, the infrastructure in Cau Giay District is basically good. Key routes such as: Cau Giay – Xuan Thuy – Ho Tung Mau centre line linking to the national highway 32, Tran Duy Hung centre line linking the central area to Thang Long Avenue, Pham Van Dong centre line linking to Belt 3, Tran Thai Tong – Nguyen Phong Sac, Hoang Quoc Viet centre line, enable a favorable traffic connection in both the inner city and province routes.
Cau Giay focuses on many large universities: Hanoi National University, Academy of Journalism and Communication, etc.

The reason why residents desire to select Cau Giay as the main residence due to the high-quality education system. Famous universities within the district comprise of: Hanoi National University, VNU University of Engineering and Technology, Hanoi National University of Education, Academy of Journalism and Communication, etc. Many education specialists claim: From the time being, Cau Giay has the most public and private schools in the Capital, and is always the highlight which attracts education investors to establish the system of international standard kindergartens. According to the statistics, within the district, there are about 17 primary schools, 19 secondary schools and 11 high schools, together with a lot of kindergartens.
Cau Giay is called as the most desirable area in the Capital as it is encompassed by large parks, conditioning lakes. Nghia Do park and Cau Giay park – 2 green lungs condition the air to the entire area. Also, this is the place of many healthy entertainment activities. In the narrow space of the modern city, it is uneasy to find out such green, fresh, wide parts for children.
Not only being ideal in the position, education, fresh space, but Cau Giay also attracts residents thanks to the system of leading hospitals: 198 Police Hospital – Ministry of Public Security, E Hospital, National Institute of Hematology & Blood Transfusion (NIHBT), etc.
With the advantage of focusing on many agencies and bodies, being favorable to the travel, strongly developing the economy, Cau Giay becomes the domain of various companies, offices. In Yen Hoa ward only, there are hundreds of small and large companies, attracting the labor-force both at home and abroad, especially Japan and Korea.
Disclosing a golden project in the centre of Cau Giay
The infrastructure is developing, offices rise a lot, the housing demand of employees in this area is increased. A lot of apartment buildings are offered in the market in order to meet the demand of residents here. However, the demand of premium apartments meeting the criteria of fastidious customers still seems to lack. Catching that, Constrexim HOD has offered the Golden Park project.
Golden Park is in top 5 Hanoi highest buildings. For details of premium apartments, please contact to the hotline: 0936 90 9191.

Built in the diamond coordinates of intersection between Duong Dinh Nghe and Pham Van Bach, from Golden Park, it is easy for residents to travel to the key points within the city; in a few minutes only to My Dinh Stadium, Vietnam National Convention Center. Golden Park is in the list of rare projects adjacent 2 large parks. In 10 minutes of going for a walk only, residents will mix with fresh and green space of Cau Giay park with the area of 10ha and adjacent conditioning lake. It is sure that Golden Park will be learnt about by a crowd of employees in the Cau Giay area for 4-star standard apartments. Moreover, the majority of provincial parents whose children study at the surrounding universities such as Hanoi National University, Academy of Journalism and Communication, etc., will hunt for such apartments as the position is a few minutes distant from My Dinh coach station, favorable to provincial highways.
Not only having a lot of existing utilities in the area, but Golden Park also possesses full perfect amenities. This is the first luxurious apartment, office service and hotel apartment complex in the area. By the heart of building a perfect living space for residents, the investor has concentrated on constructing 4 wide basements for parking, busy shopping center, 02 smart 4-season swimming pools, Skybar, rich food restaurant chain, public room, etc., and many other attractive amenities. With the guideline “the house is the safe and sound place for the peaceful life together with beloveds”, many Golden Park amenities are intended for the family such as green walkway, water bloom, entertainment area, etc. Being typical of modern rhythm of life, the building design is unique with glass elevators in the hotel area from floor 1 to floor 45.
With the secured construction quality, the golden position in the centre of Cau giay district – the most desirable area of the Capital, Golden Park with the golden value commits the sustainability with the time.
The Golden Park project will offer dated next March 18 at the Daewoo hotel with many attractive programs and information to Customers.
Source: http://kinhtedothi.vn/he-lo-du-an-vang-tai-quan-cau-giay-311652.html