Golden Park Tower attracts international investors

With the position in teh intersection of Pham Van Bach and Duong Dinh Nghe, Golden Park Tower meets the requirement of international investors who desire to possess the apartment in new cultural, administrative centre of the West City.

Attracting international investors

Being one of the most developed economies in the world, many new infrastructure projects and golden population structure are the motive of development for Viet Nam housing market, while the premium segment is paying attention to the super rich at home and abroad.

The Vietnam economy has been growing in the plateau over 20 years, with annual average GDP rate of over 6%, Viet Nam is increasingly paying attention to a lot of foreign investors.

Viet Nam now has about 82,000 foreigners living and working, this figure will continue the increase, leading to the increased demand of Viet Nam real estate. A recent survey shows that: 20% foreign experts working in Viet Nam are ready to spend their savings to buy the apartment here. They belong to 30% potential customers for premium apartments, 2% ones for luxurious apartments. (Source:

Not including, the price of premium apartment in the large cities in Viet Nam is now lower than that of the countries in the region and the world. According to the source of Savills Research & Consultancy, Knight Frank, average price of premium apartment in Hanoi is 3,200 USD/m2, 3,800 USD/m2 in HCMC, while it is 4,500 USD/m2 in Bangkok, 25,600 USD/m2 in Singapore. Therefore, the large cities in Viet Nam become the attractive investment sites to a lot of foreign investors, especially Korean ones.

Golden Park Tower – attracts investors

For investors, the position is always the top criteria in the selection of projects. One position with good position, advantage of traffic infrastructure, located in the intersections of large roads will have the potential of increased price compared to other areas.

Located in the intersection of Duong Dinh Nghe, Pham Van Bach, Yen Hoa, Cau Giay that has the synchronous traffic infrastructure, focuses on many ministries, agencies, national major works, information technology park – Silicon Valley, etc., Golden Park Tower is the magnet attracting to investors, especially investors from Korea, Hong Kong.

Within the radius of approx. 0.5km2, the area is encompassed by agencies, head-offices of internal ans international corporations and is the head-offices of embassies such as: United State Embassy, Taiwan, Korea Consulate, etc., large corporations, companies such as: Viettel Group, FPT Tower Complex, Vietnam National Coal – Mineral Industries Holding Corporation Limited – Vinacomin, General Department of Vietnam Customs, PVI Insurance Corporation, Mobifone, etc. Not including, this position is approx. 500m far from Cau Giay park, conditioning lake, embraced by modern, high quality public utilities such as international schools, hospitals, public agencies, entertainment centres, etc., meeting the first-class living needs and increasing the value to the project.

Luxurious and modern Golden Park Tower sample apartment

Not only is the position attractive, but Golden Park Tower are also selected by many investors thanks to dominant design and amenities. 360 premium apartments have the modern design, beautiful view in 4 directions. With the open, unlimited view, Golden Park Tower apartments are always flooded by natural light and vital force. Together, it is the system of amenities in the 4-star hotel standard: Swimming pool, walk way, luxurious reception hall, sport area, shopping centre, restaurants, laundering, clean-up, children care in hour, etc., meeting the needs of life for international residents.

Now, the sample apartment area of the project is completed to welcome visitors for the project information. Golden Park Tower apartments are being offered from 36.6 million VND/m2 (incl. VAT) and above, in case of early payment of 70% apartment value, customers will be got the preference up to 3.5% apartment value. For customers with the demand of financial support, they will be granted the loan with interest rate of 0% in 18 months.

Contact details:

Employer’s Hotline: 098.151.3838


Address of sample apartment: Floor 4 GREEN PARK Building, Duong Dinh Nghe Street, Yen Hoa, Cau Giay, Hanoi.