Golden Park Tower makes customer appreciation

Customers with successful transaction at the appreciation event have the opportunity to get a gift up to 50 million VND.
The customer appreciation event of Golden Park Tower project will be held at floor 4, Green Park building, Duong Dinh Nghe street, Cau Giay district, Hanoi dated March 16th.
The investor Tay Do Import Export and Investment Construction Company Limited says that customers with successful transaction at the appreciation event have the opportunity to get a gift up to 50 million VND.

Golden Park Tower is located in the favorable position in Cau Giay district.
At present, the Golden Park Tower project is offering in the price from 36.6 million VND per m2 (excluding VAT). According to the investor representative, customers who make early payment of 70% will get the preference of 3.5% of total apartment price. For customers with financial support demand, they will be supported the loans with the interest of 0% in 18 months.
Being the project under the luxurious segment in the central position, with modern living space, high-ranking amenities, Golden Park Tower is the suitable choice of young and dynamic families, towards the comfortable, convenient and sustainable life value.
With the central position in the West Capital, the project has the synchronous infrastructure system from the park, playgrounds to schools, hospitals.
The project is 0.5km far from Cau giay park, conditioning lake, 1.8km from My Dinh Stadium; 1.6km from Hanoi National University; 6.8km from the centre of Hanoi, etc., simultaneously, residents can quickly travel to highways: Hanoi – Lao Cai, Hanoi – Hai Phong, Hanoi – Lang Son, etc.

Golden Park Tower – the choice of young and dynamic families.
The investor says that the position is the sustainable value which Golden Park Tower possesses and has the potential of value increase in the future.
In addition to the position, the investor develops the Golden Park Tower project with the system of modern, synchronous amenities. Beside the surrounding infrastructure out of the project, Golden Park Tower future residents will enjoy the amenities such as: Shopping center, smart 4-season swimming pool, gym and spa room, food area, water bloom, entertainment area, etc.
With the intelligent design, the combination between modern style and luxurious furniture, the hotel, apartment, office and trading service complex Golden Park Tower becomes one of the most remarkable projects in the West Hanoi.
Besides making sure of space, using area, each apartment here is designed with the open space, enabling good air counter flow, maximum natural wind and light. The investor desires to create a desirable space for each family, a rest place suitable to every member.
In Golden Park Tower, residents have the chance to live together with the civilized, modern international community. “After each working day, you can turn back your warm home where there are your relatives, neighbors and joyful activities”, the investor describes.
Ha Truong
For registering the participation of the event, please contact to the hotline: 098 151 3838, website: