Cau Giay real estate attracts Korean investors

With the advantages of favorable position, synchronous infrastructure, focusing on many key ministries, bodies, national major projects, Information Technology area – silicon valley, etc., Cau Giay Real Estate is considered as the magnet attracting international investors, especially customers from Korea, Hong Kong, etc.
Cau giay district is the selected destination
According to the survey data from the prestigious organizations, now Vietnam has more than 82,0000 foreigners being lived and worked here. In which, Cau Giay is the area that focuses on a great number of foreigners from main countries such as: Korea, Japan, China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, etc,. In the future, the number of foreign experts, business persons who desire to live and work in Vietnam in general and Hanoi in particular will tend to increase, it means that the real estate demand will increase as well.
Upon the survey, 29% of foreign experts who are living and working in Vietnam are ready to consider the possibility of house purchase here. They belong to 30% of potential customers for premium apartments, 2% of the same for luxurious apartments.
Cau Giay is the district that focuses on many premium real estate projects.
One of the factors that make foreigners interested in possessing the real estate in Vietnam is the plan of cost price. If in Hong Kong, Singapore, or Korea, to possess 1 similar apartment, buyers must pay 1-1.5 million USD, but in Vietnam, with the same, they can buy a few real estate products with high profitability.
Therefore, foreign investors often give the priority to select the projects in the central areas which are favorable to the travel and traffic connection to the vicinity, easy to move to the airport, exist full utilities, services for all aspects of the life from education, health, green park, conditioning lake, shopping to entertainment, etc.
Golden Park Tower premium apartments attract Korean investors
Korean customers often require high standards in selecting apartments for residence, lease or investment. In addition to strict requirements of position, quality, amenities in the buildings such as (gym, swimming pool, restaurant, green space, etc.), utilities in infrastructure, inner and outer building are also the leading criterion for selection.
In Cau Giay area, Golden Park Tower is evaluated by real estate experts and investors as the project meeting and satisfying the criteria from foreign investors, especially Korean ones. The project is located at the golden intersection, bordering on 3 big streets: Pham Van Bach – Duong Dinh Nghe – Trung Kinh, favorable and easy to link Noi Bai Airport in 30 minutes, favorable to move to the central areas and public utility areas. Next to the project, they are Nghia Do park, Cau Giay park, conditioning lake according to the planning approved by Hanoi City People’s Committee, high-quality schools from primary schools to international and national universities, medium and senior hotels, restaurants for the demand of relaxation, entertainment of international resident community.
Cau Giay district is also the area that is selected by foreign companies, banks and corporations for offices, head-offices, it means that a great number of foreigners, especially Korean people, live here, thus, the demand of possession and residence for this object here is very high.

Golden Park Tower apartments are luxuriously, modernly designed
Golden Park Tower includes 1 block of 45 floors and 4 basements. In which, floors 1-7 are the trading, office block, floor 8 is the functional area including swimming pool, gym room, coffee, etc., and technical area, floors 9-31 are the premium apartment block; floors 32-45 are the hotel apartment block. Functional areas have a hall for travel and separate elevators.
Premium apartments in Golden Park Tower have the areas of 82.6 – 132.5 m2 and the modern design meeting and satisfying the highest living standard for the international and national resident communities. Focus on the space and design in each apartment, high-quality furniture, wide balcony, unlimited view. From the balcony of Golden Park Tower apartments, residents can sip coffee and look towards Cau Giay park, conditioning lake or the city panorama at night. An ideal view for customers who are fond of the height and wide and fresh space.
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