Central position advantage of Golden Park Tower Project

Improved infrastructure, central position and fresh living environment, etc., are the factors making Golden Park Tower selected by a lot of customers.
Improved infrastructure According to the general planning of Hanoi Capital, until year 2030, and the vision to year 2050, Cau Giay will belong to the extended inner city (from Belt 2 to Nhue River Belt), which will be a new essential urban area of urban centre of Hanoi Capital. Towards the said goal, many national scaled works, new urban areas, high-tech areas, green parks have been building. Typically, such as Cau Giay Park, Nghia Do Park with total area of 42.28 ha. Many extended routes such as Tran Duy Hung, Hoang Quoc Viet, Tran Thai Tong, Nguyen Khanh Toan, Belt 2, 5, etc., have been changing the entire urban look.

Conditioning lakes have been contributing to building and raising the life quality for urban people.
The system of infrastructure and roads is synchronously invested, many built utilities are evaluated as the levering factor to the development of Cau Giay area by specialists.
Central apartment model
In the context, the land fund within the city is increasingly narrowed and crowded, the projects in the central area with fresh living space, favorable traffic connection and developing infrastructure are attractive to buyers, especially actual customers.
Accordingly, a number of customers is ready to pay a great amount for one premium apartment immediately in the centre of Cau Giay, which is favorable to the accommodation, work, entertainment, hospital, school for all family members within a few kilometers only. The central apartment model becomes the trend of selection to the resident place for successful young people.

Golden Park Tower is the central apartment model.
Located at the centre of Cau Giay District, bordering on 3 large streets including Pham Van BAch – Duong Dinh Nghe – Trung Kinh, Golden Park Tower is highly appreciated by possessing separately remarkable advantages. This area is considered as “the centre” of Cau Giay District, which is favorable to the travel, focuses on full utilities from education to entertainment.
Golden Park Tower is encompassed by the system of prestigious public-to-international schools, typically such as Nghia Do primary school, Gateway Hanoi primary school, Luong The Vinh school, Amsterdam Hanoi high school, Hanoi National University, VNU University of Engineering and Technology, Hanoi National University of Education, Academy of Journalism and Communication, etc., and inherited all available utilities, structures in the whole area as well.
Not only having the strategic position in the centre of Cau Giay District, but Golden Park Tower also is near to Cau Giay park, conditioning lake that are 500m distant. From this reason, Golden Park Tower residents could walk at ease and enjoy the fresh air from the big lake, strengthening the health and recovering the positive energy.
It is stated by the investor that with the orientation of becoming the typical project for the premium apartment model in the central position, Golden Park Tower is carefully invested and looked after from the architecture, design style to the system of amenities.
Accordingly, the project is designed in the unique V-shape, from floor 9 to floor 31, they are premium apartments, from floor 32 to floor 45, they are hotel apartments. Apartments are smartly designed, minimizing the system of beams, columns, enabling maximum area and functions for users. With the open and wide view without the limitation, Golden Park Tower apartments are in full natural light and vitality.
Regarding amenities, Golden Park Tower has the synchronous system in the 5-star hotel standard from swimming pool, walkway, luxurious reception hall to sport area, shopping center and services such as laundering, cleaning, child care in hours, etc. Whereby the investor desires to meet and satisfy the needs of relaxation and entertainment for international resident community.
Author: Pham Van
Resource: vnexpress
It is said by the investor that Golden Park Tower is offering a lot of big sales such as supporting the interest of 0% in 18 months; the discount of 4.5% in case that customers make early payment of 70% of total apartment price.
Investor hotline: 098.151.3838
Website: https://goldenpark.com.vn