Golden Park Tower applies modern construction technology

For the body part, the contractor applies the prestressed concrete technology in order to speed up the construction speed and make sure of quality.
The Investor says that after a duration of construction, up to now, Golden Park Tower has constructed floor 3, the speed is quickly pushed but the safety, quality is still ensured in order to hand over as expected. Before, the project had finished the basement construction and closed stop valve. With 4 basements, the Golden Park investor obeys to the commitment with the competent authority with regard to the number of parking slot whether it is sufficient or not for residents, Office – Shopping center and hotel block. In addition, there are 20% parking slots for nonresidents. The project body is constructed by the Consortium of Samcons Viet Nam Construction And Investment., JSC and TSQ Vietnam JSC. These are the prestigious and experienced units in the construction field. The main contractor together with its subcontractors and the Project Management Board , the Investor is in the close and effective cooperation to develop the work items on the procedure.

Until November this year, Golden Park would have constructed on the intended schedule.
With the body part, the contractor will apply to the prestressed concrete technology, the newest construction technology in a lot of large works from the time being. Whereby, the construction speed is sped up but ensured the aesthetics, technique, quality of the works. The Golden Park Investor undertakes to comply with the intended schedule in order to feel secure to customers who select the project.
In addition to the progress, the investor offers the preferential sales policy to customers. In detail, discounting up to 3.5% of total apartment price for customers without borrowing, supporting the interest of 0% in 12 months for customers on borrowing demand.
Smart apartment design
Golden Park apartments have flexible areas from 82.6 to 132.5 m2 with 2 – 3 bedrooms. In which the highlight is the 95.6 m2 apartment – the 3bedroom apartment (2 large rooms + 1 small room) with appropriate room design, making the family’s life space comfortable and convenient.
According to the investor, this 2bedroom+1 apartment is the focus which customers are interested in the sales opening event. It is able for the 9m2 room to be flexibly used subject to the master’s need: bedroom for baby, bedroom for guest or for home helper.

The 3bedroom apartment (2 large rooms and 1 small room) has the smart design. Contact details: 098 151 3838.
Beside the original design scheme with partition wall, the investor gives an another optimal and intelligent scheme for customers who are interested in the 2 bedroom+1 apartment: replacing normal partition with clear glass partition. This design will create a space connecting to guest room for a wide, airy space but remain a quiet and private space so that the master of the house focuses on the work and study.
Also, this scheme is an -saving solution for your apartment when the air of guest room can be connected to multi-functional room. “With about 4 million VND/unit with the 95.6 m2 area only, Golden Park has met the demand of customers from young families to multi-generation families”, the representative says.
Golden Park future residents will enjoy the services in the building, meeting their maximum needs. The vicinity of the project is the system of shopping center, big supermarket such as Big C, The Garden, Keangnam, the education system from kindergartens to universities, the health system with large hospitals.
Thanh Duong
Source: Vnexpress