Golden Park Tower suddenly offers big policy

(Construction) – Located at the “golden” position in the intersection of Duong Dinh Nghe and Pham Van Bach Streets, having the perfect view towards Cau Giay Park and CV1 conditioning lake, Cau Giay District, Golden Park Tower is evaluated as the centre of Cau Giay real state market.
Especially, in next November, the Investor will offer the big policy with attractive preferences: Supporting the interest of 0% in 18 months or discounting 4.5% for early payment of 70%, not including the opportunity to take place in the lucky game of one-billion VND car in February, 2019 for customers, especially real residence buyers.

Golden Park Tower Project Perspective
Golden Park Tower and unique advantages
If Cau Giay District is known as one of the important districts within the city, concentrating many “nerve-centre” administrative agencies and schools, central hospitals, Golden Park Tower is “the Heart” of Cau Giay. The project is located at the golden intersection, bordering on 3 bog streets: Pham Van Bach – Duong Dinh Nghe – Trung Kinh, has the perfect traffic infrastructure and favorable connection to link the key locations in the city.
Within 10 minutes only, it is possible to access the administrative system, schools, hospitals, supermarkets, etc., and travel to highways within 15 minutes only: Hanoi – Lao Cai, Hanoi – Hai Phong, Hanoi – Lang Son, Lang – Hoa Lac, Nhat Tan Bridge – Noi Bai Airport, which it very favorable for travel without worry about traffic jam.
The project is approximately 500m distant from Cau Giay park and Conditioning lake, building the life of biology, health for residents. In the context, the quality of life environment in the big cities is more downgraded with every passing day, the possession of apartments near to the park, conditioning lake is evaluated as the golden advantage increasing the real estate value and attracting buyers, especially real residence buyers. Living near to the park will reduce the risk of depression, worry, bringing the positive mood to residents when taking place in outdoor activities, strengthening the health and improving the quality of life environment.
Besides, with the impressive design in the V-shape, making sure of 100% apartments with the open and wide panorama view, on the one hand, it is able to look towards the park, conditioning lake, on the other hand, it is able to look at the panorama of the whole city at night, bring a lot of choices to customers.

Golden Park Tower borders on 3 large streets
Premium apartments with full amenities
Built in the land area of 4.576m2 with construction density of 45%, Golden Park Tower includes 1 block of 45 floors and 4 basements. In which, floors 1-7 are the trading, office block, floor 8 is the functional area including swimming pool, gym room, coffee, etc., and technical area, floors 9-31 are the premium apartment block; floors 32-45 are the hotel apartment and service block, functional areas have a hall for travel and separate elevators.
360 Golden Park Tower apartments with the areas of 82.6-132.5m2, have the open design, harmonious air counter flow enable maximum area of natural sunshine and wind, maximize the function and area for users but make sure of aesthetics.
Apartments with long balcony provide the fresh air and maximize the area of natural sunshine receipt, saving the energy and improving the health for users. With this design, from any position in the apartment, regardless of guest room, dining room, working room, bedroom, etc., the house master can enjoy the relaxed feeling of sipping coffee and looking towards the city panorama or the green park or conditioning lake. In Golden Park Tower, all details whether is the smallest or not are carefully looked after in order to build the best life quality for the community of high-ranking residents.
Furthermore, with the guideline of building an ideal life environment for future residents, the Investor has tried the utmost to construct the system with various amenities for residents. Many areas are used as the public walkway and playground, whereby, the families have the funny time together: smart swimming pool, shopping center, kindergarten, gym, spa, etc., are fully arranged, bringing the relaxed life with full amenities to residents with their family and relative.