Real estate market in Vietnam attracts the interest of foreign investors

In recent years, the real estate market in Vietnam has been attracting the interest of foreign investors. Subject to the consistence of culture, needs, each group of investors in each country has different interest of each real estate type.

The real estate field in Vietnam is one of the markets in the top group of economic industries in revenue. This is considered as the factor that creates a strong attraction to foreign funds into the real estate market.

Besides, in recent years, the policy of foreign investment fund attraction, including the policy of allowing foreigners to purchase the house in Vietnam, has gradually loosened, making the attraction of real estate field to foreign investors increase.

If in Hong Kong, Singapore, or Korea, they need 1-1.5 million USD to possess an apartment, with the same, they can buy a few real estate products with higher profitability in Vietnam. Vietnam becomes the market in which foreigners desire to invest.

Therefore, on last November 25, TAY DO INVEST CO., LTD and 2 distribution agents Cenland and YSL (exclusive foreigner distribution agents) held the Talkshow of investment opportunities to foreigners in Vietnam.